SteelBird aims to improve the overall experience for DeFi participants by minimizing required operations when farming to one click powered by Singularity Chain (Polkadot Parachain) + multi-chain wallet.

Steelbird protocol allows users to farm at their convenience manually or autonomously by taking advantage of the risk engine protection layer in both modes using the SteelBird’s DeFi Dashboard to track their assets ROI, APY, risks from one single interface.

Users can access Farms section from the main menu and stake on their favorite protocols and pools. Additionally, users can improve their strategy by using the Genius section to copy other top DeFi performers or pre-generated AI & ML formulas for assets staking. Realtime on-chain alerts notification for rug-pulls, impermanent loss & other risks are received directly on the user…

We are excited to announce that SteelBird has entered into a strategic collaboration with Polygon, one of our first major supporters when we launched the initial MVP back in 2020, providing the project with its first grant. Over the last few months, the Polygon team helped the project grow with continuous support in various areas, including research, development, and marketing.

Polygon is an Ethereum compatible framework designed to improve the transaction costs, throughput, and overall development experience on Ethereum compatible blockchains. In addition, it offers dedicated throughput/resources, a completely flexible technology stack, sovereign governance, and modular security. …

All-in-one multi-chain farming aggregator, growth engine & AMM designed to improve user safety, usability, ROI, and transaction fees. Driven by AI & predictive Machine Learning models.


The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) momentum takes the crypto promise a step further. Envision a worldwide, open alternative in contrast to the most popular financial services you use today — savings, loans, trading, insurance and that’s only the tip of the iceberg — available to anybody on the planet with a smartphone and internet access.

Recently, DeFi products have acquired high potential and interest, still, the current DeFi protocols are prone to smart contract failures, rug-pulls, and exploits, reaching a total loss of $285M since 2019. …

SteelBird Finance

Safer & Easier DeFi. All-in-one multi-chain farming aggregator, growth engine & AMM built to improve usability, safety, ROI and fees.

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