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All-in-one multi-chain farming aggregator, growth engine & AMM designed to improve user safety, usability, ROI, and transaction fees. Driven by AI & predictive Machine Learning models.

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3 min readMay 7, 2021


The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) momentum takes the crypto promise a step further. Envision a worldwide, open alternative in contrast to the most popular financial services you use today — savings, loans, trading, insurance and that’s only the tip of the iceberg — available to anybody on the planet with a smartphone and internet access.

Recently, DeFi products have acquired high potential and interest, still, the current DeFi protocols are prone to smart contract failures, rug-pulls, and exploits, reaching a total loss of $285M since 2019. Secondly, staking, swap, and tracking assets through multiple protocols is a significant impediment to widespread adoption; currently, figures indicate that 8 out of 10 DeFi investors have used cryptocurrencies in the past as power users, as a result of poor adoption from traditional fintech users.

SteelBird seeks to improve DeFi adoption by providing a robust platform with features that enhance user trust and accessibility for both existing and new entry DeFi users.

Risk Scoring & On-Chain Alerts

SteelBird is using proprietary AI & Machine Learning predictive models to provide a variety of risk scores including portfolio, assets, protocol and pool pairs by analyzing millions of blocks data entry points.

On-Chain alerts are sent out in real-time, prior to a block’s completion, by reviewing each transaction before is sent to the ledger for mining and providing an extra layer of security when there is a potential rug-pull, significant APY decrease, or other portfolio risk increase associated with the user’s owned assets.

Singularity Chain, Built-in AMM DEX and Multi-chain Wallet

SteelBird is using his own custom chain built on Polkadot Substrate as a parachain to achieve singularity and make it easier for the users to participate in different protocols and pools with minimal effort. Correlated with the built-in AMM DEX and multi-chain non-custodial wallet it can achieve faster & cheaper swaps without the need to switch networks, enabling one-click distance farming.

Features Overview

Boost Staking

Increased earnings when staking on SteelBird’s pools (Windpools)


Re-deposit earnings for increased annual percentage yield with one click.

Liquidity Insurance

Protect users assets from the failure of smart contracts.

Advanced ROI Insights

Tracking net profit adjusted to market price volatility for multiple protocols in a single dashboard.

APY Calibration

Get accurate APY quote representation directly related to the invested amount.

Intuitive Charts

Helpful insights for protocols and pools metrics.

SteelBird Token (SBT) Utility

  • Discounted swap fees when paid with SBT (40%)
  • Pay gas fees with SBT
  • Staking on SteelBird’s AMM or Windpools
  • Stake to run Singularity Chain nodes
  • Protocol Governance

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SteelBird Finance

Safer & Easier DeFi. All-in-one multi-chain farming aggregator, growth engine & AMM built to improve usability, safety, ROI and fees.