Manual & Autonomous Farming

SteelBird Finance
3 min readJun 1, 2021

Steelbird protocol allows users to farm at their convenience manually or autonomously by taking advantage of the risk engine protection layer in both modes using the SteelBird’s DeFi Dashboard to track their assets ROI, APY, risks from one single interface.

Manual Farming (Operated by user)

Users can access Farms section from the main menu and stake on their favorite protocols and pools. Additionally, users can improve their strategy by using the Genius section to copy other top DeFi performers or pre-generated AI & ML formulas for assets staking. Realtime on-chain alerts notification for rug-pulls, impermanent loss & other risks are received directly on the user interface in the upcoming mobile & desktop app from where users can react on time to protect their assets. There is a possibility to opt-in for extra insurance.

Autonomous Farming (Windpools — Growth Engine)

Users can access Windpools section (Growth Engine) to farm autonomously for different single assets pools. The Growth Engine is using multiple strategies by staking on different DeFi protocols to increase the APY, offering highly competitive yield at the same time for stable coin pools. Windpools are connected to the Risk Engine and will react instantly to new potential risks (rug-pulls, impermanent loss & others) to protect the user's assets.


Both farming methods can be used depending on the user preferences and skills. Manual farming can be used easily by new entry and power DeFi users and the growth engine is a great way to encourage new users to stake-in by auto-farming. Still, there are some main differences correlated to the risk reaction time, yield performance and other factors regarding the chosen farming method.



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