SteelBird: Cross-chain DeFi Swap & Staking

SteelBird aims to improve the overall experience for DeFi participants by minimizing required operations when farming to one click powered by Singularity Chain (Polkadot Parachain) + multi-chain wallet.

We are building an interoperable layer powered by Polkadot Substrate which allows multi-bridge & cross-chain swaps to enable users to stake easier and encourage new entry users to participate in the DeFi ecosystem with a less-to-zero learning curve and minimal fees.

To keep the stack decentralized and non-custodial model integrity, SteelBird’s Singularity Chain integrates NFT technology to enable chain pegged assets from where users have full ownership of their assets based on the NFT fingerprint.

Users can decide if they pay for fees using the SBT token or a different asset available on their wallet. At the same time, Singularity Chain will process the swap through the built-in DEX AMM (Launch on Polygon L2) for lower swap fees, better slippage, and increased speed.

Steelbird’s final goal is to build an easy-to-use & competitive platform that works as a DAO and to solve all the pregnant issues and further in DeFi space.

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SteelBird Finance

Safer & Easier DeFi. All-in-one multi-chain farming aggregator, growth engine & AMM built to improve usability, safety, ROI and fees.